Whilst in London Caroline also worked with Sophie Cranston of Libelula, whose designs have been enjoyed by Kate Middleton. Sophie and Caroline remain friends and Sophie fully supports Caroline and her brand Maxted. Both hope to work together again one day.

Caroline then moved to the British brand Burberry. A brand that was always a dream location on her career path, She always had a passion for classic design along the lines of Alexander McQueen, Vivian Westwood, Hardy Amies and of course, Burberry. When she started at Burberry Caroline had an idea of what working for a brand like Burberry would be, but this was the first time her eyes were opened to the incredible dedication required in high-end luxury fashion. The passion, the hours, the intensity that go in to designing a runway collection. Working on Prorsum Men’s and Women’s knitwear and eventually outwear, she was able to shadow some of the world’s most talented designers. Flying to the factory in Italy on a moment’s notice and witnessing the craft and skill of hand and machine knitting. It was intense and she loved it, the people she met and the experience this gave her as a designer.

“I wanted a brand name that would be as classic as the British brands I love. The name Maxted has a personal connection to me and it’s important to me that my influence on the brand resonates through every part of it, including the name.”

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