Soek Sunglasses

Creating a range of ethically sourced, fun, practical and great quality sunglasses that were also fantastic value was our true calling. And hence, SOEK® began.

 In a world where we are faced with so many choices as consumers its important to ensure that we are investing in businesses that do their best to have a meaningful impact on the planet. Here at SOEK® we are constantly looking at ways we can improve on the way we do things in order to be as sustainable as possible while also doing our best to give back to help create a better world.

For us this process begins with sourcing 100% sustainable timber from FSC accredited suppliers. Our sunglasses are then handcrafted using environmentally friendly processes from durable bamboo and hardwoods such as maple, ebony and walnut. All of the natural materials used are renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements. We also have spot checks and quality control in place to ensure SOEK® manufacturing continues to adhere to these standards.

From our materials and factories to our packaging and our giving partner it’s a huge operation that is well worth it. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

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