D.O.F Tommy White/Almond Snake
D.O.F Tommy White/Almond Snake
D.O.F Tommy White/Almond Snake
D.O.F Tommy White/Almond Snake
D.O.F Tommy White/Almond Snake

D.O.F Tommy White/Almond Snake

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Hand made in Italy the TOMMY sneaker is a classic cup sole made from luxurious leathers and attention to detail with a stitched star detail on the heel and punch detail.  Our sneakers are completely lined with highest quality leather for maximum breathability.  Combined with our purpose designed removable footbed which is made using anti-bacterial PU that will mould to your foot with wear and ensure all day comfort D.O.F. sneakers are designed for ultimate luxury and comfort

- Hand Made in Italy
- Moulded anti-bacterial removable footbed (suitable for standard orthotics)
- Premium Leather Upper & Lining 
- Almond Snake Heel Feature
- 3cm rubber sole with unique diamond tread

- True to Size
- European Sizing

Product Care:
All leather and suede products should be treated with a good quality all weather protector before wear. This will elongate the life of your shoes.
LEATHER: Should the leather get wet, it is recommended to let them dry and then treat the leather with a leather conditioner to renourish the leather so it will not dry and crack. Treating your leather shoes with a good quality chemical free leather conditioner every few months will also help maintain the leather in best condition.
SUEDE: We recommend purchasing a suede brush to maintain your suede. A good suede brush will enable you to brush off surface dirt and keep the suede pile in lush condition.
LEATHER SOLES: It is recommended to have a Topy sole put on all leather sole bottoms. This will substantially lengthen the wear from your leather soles.
SNEAKER SOLES: Simply use a toothbrush and soapy water to clean your soles and keep them white. Ensure to never use the toothbrush on the upper as it could scratch your leather.
NEVER put your leather sneakers in the washing machine to clean them. Leather products should never be immersed in water for prolonged periods this will severely ruin the product.