NAUDIC Hilton Cape Eden Embroidery Navy

NAUDIC Hilton Cape Eden Embroidery Navy

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Bold, brave and playful, the Naudic woman combines the fullness of life, work, family, entertainment and travel -- and loves every minute of it.

Naudic creator Emma Putticks love affair with fashion began when she was working in London (as a scientist, no less!). The bohemian styles of the Portobello Road markets were where she first got the taste of what has become the Naudic look. Add influences from travels through Sweden, India and South-East Asia and you have a label thats bright, fun and eminently wearable.


For a refreshing and funky piece, you simply cannot go past the Naudic Eden Jacket this season or style that turn heads! Such a great layering option, this stunning piece is perfect to throw on & have an immediate stylish look!

Features include:

* Edge to edge with wide band

* Full length set-in sleeve with wide bell detailing

* Embroidery & sequin detailing throughout body & sleeve

* Frill detailing on sleeve & hemline